Les Toiles Rouges in English

Pronounce Lay Twal Rouj.
In French it means The red paintings. Well in English it sounds bad, and it means nothing, but honestly in French it is an excellent pun about the Chinese red star…no really it is funny…You should learn French.

You’ve got a message

Published on 10.19.2017

Tshirt inscription VE copie.jpg

Taobao my love

Published on 10.14.2017

taobao VE copie.jpg

The shocking news

Published on 04.01.2017

Boulangerie VE copie.jpg

Brace Yourself #2

Published on 12.22.2016



Christmas Spirit

Published on 12.19.2016

esprit de noel VE copie.jpg


Brace Yourself #1

Published on 12.15.2016


14th of July : French National day

Published on 07.14.2016

14juillet VE copie.jpg



Published on 07.11.2016

meteo VE copie.jpg


Published on 07.05.2016

burger  VE copie.jpg





Published on 06.30.2016

photo classe VE.jpg


Wekend in the countryside #2

Published on 06.24.2016

we 3 cadrage complet VE copie.jpg

Taxi driver

Published on 06.22.2016

taxi VE


The Plot

Published on 05.18.2016

complot english

Weekend in the countryside #1

Published on 05.12.2016

WE barbecue english.jpg

Life is unfair

Published on 05.10.2016

jalousie VE.jpg


Think about it

Published on 05.10.2016

traduction VE.jpg

Sports and Health

Published on 06.04.2016

footing VE.jpg



M concert

Published on 31.03.2016

Concert M VE



Published on 03.25.2016

coiffeur VE.jpg


Decline and Fall

Published on 03.24.2016

gyver et gégé VE.jpg



Brittany people #2

Published on 03.18.2016

bretons 2 ve.jpg


Published on 03.15.2016

Gardien scooter VE.jpg


If you had a bad day…

Published on 03.08.2016

parapluie NB rouge VE.jpg



Published on 03.04.2016

nouilles VE.jpg




Published on 02.23.2016

bretons 1 bis VE.jpg


Love and subway

Published on 02.15.2016

metro spiderman VE.jpg




Published on 02.09.2016

canapé VE.jpg



Published on 02.05.2016

fashion police VE.jpg



Happy new year

Published on 02.04.2016

Bonne année VE.jpg

My life is a constant sorrow

Published on 01.29.16lourd VE.jpg

A journey in Nonsenseland

Published on 01.29.16

pharmacie VE.jpg


What can I say? I am a romantic person

Published on 01.29.16

moustiques VE.jpg


VPN, Professional tool

Published on 01.29.16


vpn VE.jpg



How to feel like a bumpkin tourist

Published on 01.29.16

taxi sans cadres VE.jpg



Published on 01.29.16

présentation VE.jpg